Monday, May 2, 2011

How To Beat The Credit Bureaus

Have you heard about the OCR? No, it doesn’t stand for the Office for Civil Rights. The OCR that I’m talking about has to do with credit bureaus. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is used by credit reporting agencies as a way to scan dispute letters and categorize them properly. This system can be very problematic to the consumer who wants to challenge items that are reporting in their credit report.

Let’s look at what the OCR provides to the credit bureaus:
  • OCR will reduce the chance for human error
  • OCR may cut down on staffing cost
  • OCR may be able to pull fingerprints to store in a database
  • OCR can detect if a similar dispute letter has been used before
  • OCR can analyze the letter and can assign an E-Oscar dispute code
  • OCR can eliminate human investigation processes
As you can see from a business stand point, the OCR provides a huge benefit to the credit bureaus by allowing them to automate the dispute and investigation process. This software can even flag disputes as frivolous and has the capability to send automatic responses.

Let’s paint a picture. You’re ready to start cleaning up your credit and challenging negative items on your credit report. You purchase a DIY or dummy book on credit repair that cost you 5 or 10 dollars. You open the book and you find a letter to address those collection accounts that you have on your report. You copy the form letter just as it instructs you to do, fill out the company name, place your name on it and mail it off.

Let’s say that 100,000 people used the same form letter for credit repair disputes. The OCR would immediately flag this as frivolous because of the amount of letters that are being sent that look the exact same.

A lot of credit repair companies will use similar form letters and pretty much all credit repair books will tell you to use form letters. If you use a form letter you are setting yourself up for failure before you even walk out your door and mail it. It is so important to know how to perform proper credit repair the right way. The truth is, very few credit repair companies know how to get around the OCR or even take the time to understand how it works. The result of this is, temporary results and repeat customers, if, the consumer comes back. The credit repair companies that do know the secrets will never tell you and will never share the formula they use.

There is hope; H & I Credit Solutions is doing something that has never been done before. We are exposing and unleashing the same tactics that we use to get amazing results for our clients, and putting this information directly in your hands. You can find out exactly how we beat the OCR and blast away large numbers of negative items in a very short amount of time.

You only need one resource to teach you exactly how to do it and that is our book titles “Kick Your Bad Credit to the Curb – Industry Secrets You Will Never Learn Online”.
The OCR is very tricky, with the proper understanding and knowledge, you will beat the OCR system. You will succeed and start enjoying a better life.

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